Adhesive Mortar

Thin-bed mortar for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Masonry.


Adhesive Mortar

To install autoclaved aerated concrete block walls, sheets,
or panels.
It can also be used to repair and resurface


  • 1hr of fire resistance per inch in thickness,
    complementing AAC’s.
  • Specially formulated for panels or blocks, therefore it
    complies with stated technical specifications.
  • Excellent bonding in autoclaved aerated concrete
    blocks, sheets, and panels.
  • Up to 10 minute* correction time allowing to align
    pieces during wall construction.
  • There is no detachment nor joint chalking.
  • Free of crackings or hairline crackings.
  • Compression strength of at least 2133 Psi (14.7 Mpa).

It can also be used as patch for autoclaved aerated
concrete blocks, panels, and sheets.

*It depends on the type of application and environmental


  • 55 lbs.